The company was established in 2008 with the objective of meeting the growing demandfor forest products in Brazilian civil and furniture construction, making it a important national supplier of products such as MDF, OSB, lumber and Coating Products.

We extend the business to the industrialization of playwood, becoming an important supplier of pinus and eucalyptus plywood in the national and international market.

Recently, on june 2018, another step was taken to expand and consolidate our range of products, our first industrial Unit was opened in the city of Cascavel, in the State of Paraná. Products such as grooved playwood sheets, truck floors and components for the automotive industry.


Used in any type of road transport or similar, with a perfect insulation between the interior and exterior. It does not suffer dilations or contractions, which guarantees more time to the structure of the equipment where it is installed.

18 . 20 . 25 . 30 mm

Lateral Dimensions
Length Width Thickness
3,00 m 1,60 m 12 mm
3,00 m 1,60 m 15 mm

Obs: Standard measures, subject to changes, as needed.


Composed of blades layers of turned wood, superimposed and glued whit phenolic resin resistant to water. It is characterized by the varied forms of use that the product offers.

Serves for furniture industry, platforms, stage, construction industry, acoustic covering, lining of environments and uses in general.

Thickness Number of Blades
9 mm 3 Layers
12 mm 5 Layers
15 mm 5 Layers
18 mm 7 Layers
Thickness Number of Blades
20 mm 7 Layers
22 mm 9 Layers
24 mm 9 Layers


Composed of rigorously blades selected turned wood , with priority in quality and durability, bonded with phenolic resin resistant to water and coated with phenolic film. The edges are sealed with waterproofing paint that helps to preserve the product.

Recommended for external use and forms of wood for apparent reinforced concrete, used in the manufacture of forms for slabs, pillars and beams, obtaining for concrete of high yield and large number of reuses.


Thickness Number of Blades
12 mm 5 Layers
15 mm 5 Layers
18 mm 7/9 Layers
Thickness Number of Blades
20 mm 7/9 Layers
22 mm 9/11 Layers
24 mm 9/11 Layers



Tableros exports its products to several world markets. With this, the offered products must have technical characteristics of quality and performance defined by the norms of each place.

Below are the certifications:


We are located in Rod. BR-277, Km 585, S/N, Jardim Presidente • Cascavel • Paraná • Brazil
• +55 (45) 3224.8036 / +55 (45) 98827.0600


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